Who We Are

At Kemodo Entertainment, we specialize in producing films in the action genre. Our team of experienced writers, directors, and producers work tirelessly to craft gripping and exhilarating stories that keep audiences on the edge of their seats.

We believe that action films have the power to inspire and motivate viewers, and our aim is to produce content that not only entertains, but also leaves a lasting impact. We strive to create characters that are relatable and inspiring, and storylines that challenge and push the boundaries of what’s possible.

From high-octane car chases to heart-pumping fight scenes, our action films are carefully crafted to deliver an unforgettable cinematic experience. We use the latest in film technology and special effects to create stunning visuals and breathtaking action sequences that will leave audiences wanting more.



Kemodo Entertainment’s executive team has a deep understanding of the film production industry, with a wealth of experience in various areas such as creative development, production management, marketing, and business affairs. Their expertise and leadership are instrumental in ensuring the success of the company’s film projects. 

Head of Production: James Mark

Producer: Bruno Marino

VP of Development: Tony Del Rio

VP of Marketing: Emerson Wong